The Hope For Homes Project provides remodeling and improvement work on homes owned by working class families.

For many families, repairing damages and improving living spaces presents a financial challenge. As a result, their homes tend to go long periods without necessary maintenance and enhancements.

Hope For Homes Projects relieve this burden by providing improvement work such as repairing damaged roofs and porches, remodeling kids rooms, bathrooms, outdated energy inefficient kitchens and more.

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Hope for Homes Projects provide remodeling and improvement work on homes owned by working class families.


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 Today at 3 @engagecurrent / @currentofohio Affordable Christmas events 161 families shopped to provide Christmas for their 404 children. Hope, dignity and empowerment were very real today in Tampa FL & Canton OH thanks to so many volunteers and partners. 1 more to come tomorrow! - #educatemobilize #affordablechristmas #currentAC - : @theamykate  More artist signatures on those #CLEAN mural prints. This design by @jmmurals. Prints will be available soon online! - #LaundryProject #CLEANcampaign #bestinclass #jmmurals
 At today's #AffordableChristmas shopping event in Ohio 71 families were able to buy brand new gifts at a reduced cost for 209 kids! That's 71 families who were able to experience dignity, empowerment, and a relief from financial struggles during the holiday season. We want parents to be the hero for their kids and all involved to experience love and hope through a positive community environment. So many great stories from today and we are thankful to all our volunteers, donors, & sponsors for making it happen! #CurrentAC : @easterdaycreative  Getting those new #CLEAN mural prints signed! Thanks to @jujmo for the mural work & autographs. Prints available real soon online! #LaundryProject - : @jammin38
 Ready for over 80 families to come shop at our Ohio #AffordableChristmas today! We can't wait!  Friends, tomorrow at noon is the last day to vote for us in the "Empowered" category & for @jasonsowell in the "Entrepreneurial" category. Please take minute to vote! Thank you all! Vote here -